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Fun in the Kitchen Contest

Wow, what an incredible community we have. Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing so many families and individuals making the most of their time at home by being silly, goofy or just having fun in the kitchen!

Thank you again for your overwhelming support and all your entries into the KFI Fun in the Kitchen giveaway. We hope you continue having fun in the kitchen!

KFI Sauces - Fun in the Kitchen

Here’s how the contest worked. Participants snapped a photo or video of themselves being silly or goofy in the kitchen and 2 lucky winners received $200 Gift Cards! Whether they were single, married, or had kids, we wanted to see how they were making their time in the kitchen FUN!

SHARING IS CARING: For every entry received, KFI donated 1 Meal Care Package to the Toronto Food Bank! #KFICares

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