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KFI Story

Herbs, spices and authentic ingredients are what goes into our products but hard work, persistence, and dedication are what has made KFI the success it has become. The Kataria family saw opportunity in the challenge they shared with many new Indian families in Canada. “What should I make for dinner tonight?” And answering that question, featuring traditional and delicious Indian meal ideas, was almost impossible at that time. That’s when inspiration and perspiration combined, to create Canada’s largest manufacturer of authentic Indian sauces and chutneys.

What should I make for dinner tonight?

Early experiments in the family kitchen resulted in a large batch of the most delicious Tamarind Date Chutney ever tasted. On Samosas and pakoras or even with kabobs – dip, drizzle, grill, – it was delicious! But what to do with the extra chutney sauce not eaten. An empty ketchup bottle solved the problem of too much of a good thing! Squeezable for easy use – it was perfect. The response from friends was overwhelming – they all loved the authentic taste, superior quality, and easy to use squeeze bottle. The Kataria family realized they were on to something.

Jaldee Banao Araam Se Khao!

Recipes were perfected, labels designed and KFI was officially launched in 2007. By 2008 KFI was selling a full line of 6 Chutney sauces in major grocery retailers across the country. Understanding the time it takes, to make authentic curry meals, KFI launched a line of Indian cooking sauces in 2010. In no time KFI Butter Chicken sauce became the number one selling sauce in Canada. Sauté Simmer and Serve – with KFI cooking sauces, you can impress Aunty in so little time, she will think you are a trained chef.

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