Butter Chicken Lasagna Recipe

Butter Chicken Lasagna


Rajma Lamb Curry Recipe

Rajma Lamb Curry - Video


Matter Paneer Curry Recipe

Matter Paneer Curry - Video


KFI Chutneys Recipe

KFI Chutneys - Video


Grilling with KFI Marinades recipe

Grilling with KFI Marinades - Video


Butter Chicken Sheet Pan Nachos Recipe made with Butter Chicken Sauce

Butter Chicken Sheet Pan Nachos

This Indian twist on nachos made with Butter Chicken Sauce can be served for lunch or dinner, and makes a crowd-pleasing party appetizer, too.

Coconut Fish Curry Recipe

Coconut Fish Curry - Video


Grilled Tikka Salmon recipe

Grilled Tikka Salmon

Add a little excitement to the grill with this tikka-marinated salmon. Serve with your favourite grilled vegetables and grilled naan for a summer BBQ dinner.

Tandoori Chicken Recipe

Tandoori Chicken

Typically cooked in a clay oven called a tandoor, this juicy chicken dish is marinated in a mixture of flavourful spices and creamy yogurt. Make this oven-roasted version for a delicious dinner – and then use any leftovers in sandwiches, wrap, soups or stir-fries!